How the App works

TravSafe functions as an App. The unobtrusive icon of a calendar allows your personal data to be kept safe, and detracts from any unwanted attention and scrutiny from anyone who may want to access your important, stored information ensuring your travel safety. A simple 5 – digit pin entry into the calendar facade is your access into an encrypted, completely secure, partitioned storage facility. Here you can input your personal information, operate your own personal ‘check-in / check-out’ schedule (for location monitoring), and activate a ‘panic alarm’ if the need arises.

How to buy the App

Simply click the link and follow the instructions to create your own personal account. You have the option of purchasing either a 1, 3, 6 or 12 month subscription plan depending on your requirements.



1 Month


3 Months


£38.00 per month

6 Months


£36.00 per month

12 Months


£32.00 per month

How to use the App

Once you have created your account, there are a number of personal data documents to be completed and updated as necessary, including an ISOPREP (Isolated Personnel Report), Next of Kin and Risk Assessment forms, along with any important medical information. All of this data is encrypted and stored in a secure, partitioned unit and can be accessed and updated by you at any time. If required, you can input any ‘check in’ information, (which requires a personal 3 -digit code for activation and can also be easily updated at any time).

SEPAR International Ltd. – History and Experience

Established in 2013, SEPAR International Ltd is an institutional development, risk management and training company, making its experience and knowledge an ideal foundation for the TravSafe Application. SEPAR International’s team brings together years of experience from the International military and law enforcement fields to ensure the best possible solution and services to their expanding client base. The company has extensive worldwide experience, with clients from a number of different specialist industries. SEPAR International is constantly developing and utilising the latest industry tools in order to remain at the forefront of the security industry.