Check-in Function

According to the schedule you have set up in your account, you need to input your personally selected 3-digit PIN when you are due to ‘check-in’. Your precise location (in latitude/longitude format) is then clearly indicated on the SEPAR Operations Team console. If you do not ‘check-in’ using your 3-digit PIN within 30 minutes of your pre-selected date/time, then you will be sent a reminder via text message. If this text message isn’t responded to with a ‘check-in’ activated by you within another 30-minute time period, then the SEPAR Operations Team will activate further contact according to your instructions in your personal information.

Panic Function

In case of emergency and immediate assistance, TravSafe has a ‘Panic’ function, which is activated by you. Simply key in ‘999’ on your ‘calendar’. The SEPAR Operations Team is instantly alerted and your exact latitude/longitude positioning immediately indicated. The SEPAR Operations Team will activate further contact according to your instructions in your personal information.

Intelligence and Information Reports Service

For an additional cost to your chosen subscription, and in a specified time period, you can request a full Intelligence and Information Report on any specified area that you may be travelling to.


All data is stored on SEPAR International’s protected and encrypted servers. The information is partitioned and all lines of communication are SSL’d (Secure Sockets Layer). If your device is lost/stolen/confiscated then your account can be terminated. Your data remains secure until you receive a replacement device or when you choose to renew your subscription, so there is no need to upload your data or create an account more than once. The SEPAR Operations Team are on hand 24/7 to offer support, advice, and any assistance required.

Risk Assessment / Planning Document

This is an integral part of an occupational health and safety management plan – vital when travelling in potentially dangerous countries. This is available for completion in both a comprehensive and simplified format.  

ISOPREP / Proof of Life

An Isolated Personnel Report (ISOPREP) is a source of specific data entered by the individual and known only to them, which generates a personal file that is extremely valuable if a positive identification match is needed.

Next of Kin Information

Any relevant instructions and contact details of your Next of Kin must be stated in this document in order for appropriate communications to the right person is made, if the need should arise.

Medical / Dental Contacts

This must include all relevant, important medical and dental history and information.