Do I have to have my ‘Location Services’ enabled, and if so, why?

Yes. In order for the SEPAR International operations team to be able to monitor your location for both the ‘check-in’ and Panic Alarm functions, you MUST ‘enable’ your Location Services in your mobile device settings.

When I search for ‘TravSafe’ in the App Store, (or Google Play) how will I know if I have downloaded the correct App?

When you type in ‘TravSafe’ into the search field, an item called ‘Simple Calendar’ will appear. This is the App that needs to be downloaded.

What happens if I don’t have any access to a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G network? Am I still able to ‘check-in’ and raise the Panic Alarm?

Yes! You are still able to ‘check in’ and raise a Panic Alarm. Instead of sending a request over the internet, TravSafe quietly sends an SMS in the background.

How do I enter my personal details and can they be updated easily?

When you ‘sign-up’ to TravSafe and complete the initial registration details (e-mail address and password), you will be taken to your own account ‘homepage’ where you will see a number of sub-headings. Access any of these to input your own personal information/data. You can return to this page at anytime to add/remove any information.

What happens if I miss my scheduled ‘check-in’?

If you have not ‘checked-in’ within 30 minutes of your schedule, you will receive a text message from the SEPAR Operations team. If this text message isn’t responded to with a ‘check-in’ activated by you within another 30-minute time period, then the SEPAR Operations Team will activate further contact according to your instructions in your personal information.

How much are the text messages I will receive if I miss a ‘check-in’?

If you miss your own personal ‘check in’ that you have set up in your schedule, then the SMS messages you receive will be charged to the payment account you have registered at the time of your subscription set-up. They will cost £ 1.00 each. The ONLY SMS you will receive from TravSafe is on the event of a missed ‘check-in’, which will generate an SMS overdue ‘check-in’ prompt. Any outgoing SMS messages you send will be charged at your network users rate.

What happens if I press more than three 9’s when I need to activate the panic alarm?

With the importance of the Panic Alarm function, it does not matter how many times you press the number ‘9’, but it MUST be AT LEAST 3 TIMES for it to activate.

Will there be support available 24/7?

The UK-based SEPAR International Operations Team are on hand 24/7, 365 days of the year to provide you with the ultimate reassurance that if you miss a ‘check-in’ or have to activate your ‘Panic Alarm’, support is immediately available to you.

How secure is TravSafe?

All of the data that you input on your account is encrypted and stored in a secure, partitioned unit on SEPAR International’s protected and encrypted servers. The information is partitioned and all lines of communication are SSL’d (Secure Sockets Layer).

The level of encryption used is 256-bit.

What happens to my account when my current subscription ends?

When your subscription expires, your account and all your details/information you have added will remain ‘dormant’ until the time you wish to re-activate your subscription. No data will be lost so there will be no need for you to set up a new account.

How do I renew my subscription?

The subscription you sign up for will be automatically renewed, and payment taken, unless you cancel your subscription or wish to change the duration of your subscription.

What happens if I want to cancel my subscription?

On your account homepage you will see an option to ‘cancel subscription’ which is the button you will have to click if you wish to terminate your current subscription. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED FOR AN EARLY CANCELLATION EVEN IF THERE IS STILL A PERIOD OF TIME REMAINING ON YOUR SUBSCRIPTION. Your payment details will remain on your account so you can easily sign up to another subscription as and when it is required. If you actually DELETE your account then this would automatically cancel your subscription but will also DELETE ALL OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION STORED making it impossible to sign in again. You would then have to re-register from the beginning again.

What happens if I lose my mobile or it gets stolen or taken away?

If the unfortunate occurrence of any of the above happening, you can rest assured that all of your personal data is completely secure. When you receive a replacement device, simply download the App once again (following the instruction link if necessary, not forgetting the very important process of entering the new ‘simple calendar’ Application Key and adding your new device to your account) and login using your previously created PIN. There is no need to create another account. YOU MUST REMEMBER TO REMOVE THE DEVICE THAT YOU HAVE MISPLACED FROM YOUR ACCOUNT to prevent any further access to your data from that device.